Our Brands

Mawozo Media’s ever-growing family of websites and online properties inspires travelers with the great content they need to plan their trip. Our portfolio includes four unique brands, with successful video and social media presences, publishing engaging content, and practical travel guides created by our teams of local experts in the know.

Visit Cuba is the original Cuban travel website that showcases the Caribbean’s largest island nation from a local perspective, for an authentic travel experience you won’t find anywhere else.

One of the leading Dominican travel websites in the market, promoting destinations, activities, and attractions of this Caribbean nation with the highest number of visitors in the region.

The biggest online destination for tourism in Haiti with the aim of attracting visitors from across the globe, to experience the beauty and natural wonders of Haiti, its people, its culture, and its unique history.

Our Visit Hispaniola site brings together the absolute best of Haiti and the Dominican Republic as a whole, from the world-renowned beaches to the majestic soaring hights.

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